At least 90 solar panels stolen from southern Indiana site

Several panels stolen from southern Indiana solar farm

HENRYVILLE, Ind. (WAVE) - At least 90 solar panels are missing from a southern Indiana solar site.

Hoosier Energy maintenance crews stopped by the Henryville site Wednesday morning to check in on the 4,100 panels that provide service to 150 Clark County homes.

The crews realized around 90 panels were missing and a hole was cut in the chain-link fence surrounding the property.

“It’s really impossible to speculate why anyone would do this to begin with,” Greg Seiter, a spokesperson for Hoosier Energy, said.

It’s a baffling heist for Hoosier Energy. The Hyundai solar panels have virtually no re-sale value and can be traced due to the size and proportions.

“Just the way these are created, they are more-so geared toward commercial use. They cannot be used on a residential property,” Seiter said.

The entire fence, including the spot the thieves cut through, is lined with warning signs. The risk of electrocution or even death is high when inside of the fencing.

Each row is made up of individual panels that are 6.5 feet tall, 3 feet wide and weigh 55 pounds.

“They are certainly small enough to fit into the back of a small truck. They’re not extremely large,” Seiter said.

To get away with 90 of them, the thieves had to make multiple trips in an area that could prove deadly.

“Someone is literally risking their lives for something that will have no pay off whatsoever,” Seiter said.

Services to the homes in Clark County have not been affected.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police.

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