StormTALK! Monday Edition

StormTALK! Monday Edition

Tracking the heat/humidity for the main headline over the next days but t-storms will try to steal the attention.

TODAY: The t-storm risk today isn’t high but it is more about the placement than coverage. Having t-storms take place last night before the sun came up this morning has left behind a boundary in the region. Once the sun gets higher up, we can use SAT images to try to pick it out a bit more. It should be in that general location that a few gusty t-storms could fire after 3pm today. Just keep the WAVE 3 Weather App handy if you have outdoor plans.

TUESDAY: We could start off with another spotty t-storm in the pre-dawn hours, otherwise the day will mainly be about the large area of severe t-storms over IL in the afternoon. Those will dive more south than east but still could impact areas along/west of I-65 after 5pm. If we can pick up a few t-storms in the afternoon hours, that would help tame down any threat from the west by evening. However, if we remain hot and unstable, we could find part of WAVE Country in the risk for damaging winds rolling in from the west. We’ll just have to trend the radar carefully over the next 48 hours.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: A front settles into the area and that should increase t-storm coverage. Timing and amounts are not locked in just yet but this does at least give us hope for a more widespread chance at measurable rainfall.

We we move into Friday and the weekend, it’ll be more about how far south can the dry air punch in? We could face some nice weather if it can punch in far enough with highs in the 70s north and 80s south! I mean, if we have to deal with dry weather, why not dry and less humid??!?!

The video will cover this all in more detail.

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