Brake lines cut on several scooters around town

Built for convenience, scooters targeted by downtown vandals

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Scooters are scattered around the Louisville area, and WAVE 3 News has learned that several of them were recently vandalized.

A Lime Scooter spokesperson confirmed that nearly a dozen scooters had their brake lines cut. Bird scooters confirmed that a “handful” of scooters also were vandalized. Both companies said the scooters that were damaged were immediately removed from the streets.

Three scooter companies operate in the Louisville area - Bird, Lime, and Bolt. WAVE 3 News has reached out to Bolt to see if any of their scooters have been vandalized, but has not heard back yet. A city spokesperson said the city is not aware of any damage to Bolt scooters, which are newer in the area.

Bird scooters confirmed that a "handful" of scooters were vandalized.
Bird scooters confirmed that a "handful" of scooters were vandalized. (Source: Dale Mader, WAVE 3 News)

Lime told WAVE 3 News that the company started to notice the vandalism over the last three weeks. Lime issued a statement about the scooters:

“Vandalizing property is a crime and only harms those who rely on these vehicles everyday as an affordable, convenient way to get around. Lime takes vandalism seriously and will pursue appropriate legal action against those that damage or vandalize our property.”

Bird also issued a statement to WAVE 3 News, saying in part:

“At Bird, we have zero tolerance for vandalism and aggressively address it when it occurs in communities where we are meeting peoples’ needs for sustainable transportation options. We encourage everyone in these communities — whether they ride Bird or not — to report vandalism done to or with our vehicles as we are committed to acting swiftly and effectively.”

Regular scooter riders find it disturbing that someone would damage the scooters.

“It’s a bummer, as if you described people are cutting the brake line,” rider Donald Dean said. “You are probably not going to know about it until you try to brake once you are going 15-20 miles per hour. It’s dangerous.”

“That sounds like something somebody young or wicked would do,” rider Brett Schrooten said. “I don’t know why you would want to do that.”

What should you do if you notice a scooter is vandalized? Both companies want people to report it.

For Bird riders. report damage to Bird also offers Community Mode, in the Bird app reporting feature that allows anyone in the city the ability to report instances of improper/sidewalk riding and poor parking.

For Lime riders, report it to local authorities and also contact Bird’s 24/7 customer service team, available through the app or email them at so Lime can remove the vandalized scooters.

Lime said it has contacted Louisville Metro Police, but a department spokesperson said it is not aware of any reports to them.

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