Teacher reassigned after Western High School student fight caught on video

Teacher reassigned after student fight at Western High School

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Students' cellphones were rolling on a school fight that led to a JCPS teacher being reassigned.

The fight happened this week at Western High School, and JCPS told WAVE 3 News that the teacher who was trying to break it up is part of the investigation.

While student fights are nothing new, the question now at Western High is whether the teacher was within his rights to try and step in to stop violence from escalating between students or did he go too far?

That’s what JCPS is trying to figure out. There are several videos posted on social media that have put the teacher on non- instructional duties, and freshman Joy Carter walking out of Norton Children’s Hospital Thursday in a neck brace.

Carter admitted she was involved in the fight with another girl at the school.

WAVE 3 News asked the student why she was fighting in the first place?

“Because I didn’t want to get jumped,” Carter said, adding that Western is a rough school and she was being threatened by the other girl.

“That’s something that could have been avoided, you know?” said Carter’s mother, Ebony Carter. “I don’t condone fighting. I just feel like the teacher could have went about it a different way.”

Ebony Carter said she understands why her daughter was suspended, but does not understand why the teacher was using so much force.

“He went a little too far,” Ebony Carter said. “I feel like some of them teachers need to be, you know, trained.”

While JCPS couldn’t specifically comment on the teacher’s training, the district’s safe crisis management protocol states teachers can break up fights, for example, pulling students apart during unexpected emergencies, which many fights are. That’s to prevent the fight from escalating.

Joy Carter said she doesn’t plan to fight any more.

“I’ll go tell the teacher, next time,” she said.

Joy Carter said she has back and neck pain, but is otherwise fine.

Several students and parents said the same teacher has been involved in other school fights.

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