FallTALK! Friday Edition

FallTALK! Friday Edition

Locally, our weather setup will basically stay in “repeat” mode all the way into the holiday.

This means daily highs around 90 degrees and a risk for a few afternoon thunderstorms. While organized severe weather isn’t likely, any thunderstorm that can power up in this pattern can briefly produce a strong wind gust. Otherwise, the main hazard will be locally heavy downpours and of course, lightning. These are the ones that can catch people off guard as they don’t get as much attention as bigger t-storm events, so make sure you stay weather aware this weekend if you have outdoor plans.

Meanwhile, much of the weather talk nationally will be about Hurricane Dorian. There are still many questions on its track, speed and intensity. But it certainly looks like Florida and the Bahamas are going to take a pretty big hit from this storm. It looks to slow down enough that it will likely still be on the weather map later next week and at that point we will need to see how it interacts with our weather pattern. Even if it does not directly move toward WAVE Country, its interaction in the weather pattern at large could change our forecast for NEXT weekend...especially in terms of temperatures.

Stay close to the WAVE 3 Weather App for now only t-storm alerts this weekend but for an ever-changing 10-day outlook as well.

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