Residents believe affordable housing complex would cause flooding issues in Prospect

Some people in Prospect pushing back against Section 8 housing

PROSPECT, Ky. (WAVE) - A closed-door meeting took place Thursday night to discuss new Section 8 housing planned for Prospect.

An affordable housing complex would be built at U.S. 42 and Rose Island Road, but not everyone’s on board.

Social media has been lighting up with neighbors who fear crime could go up and property values could go down by adding affordable housing to one of the wealthiest zip codes in Kentucky.

In Prospect, the average home listed comes in well over $400,000, and the average rent is $2,500 a month.

This proposed 164-unit complex will give first priority to families being forced out of Beecher Terrace.

“I don’t see the concerns a lot of people express, the extremeness,” Travis Block said.

The 13-acre site was part of the property where Block lived and raised horses growing up. He said he welcomes affordable housing in the area, just not in this particular spot.

“In 1980, we dug this pond that started to fill up with water when we were digging it, and the next morning it completely filled up with water, and it hadn’t rained in a month,” Block said. “It was a dry spell. We were shocked at how quickly it filled up, and that’s because the property is filled with natural springs.”

Block claims the sandy soil is unfit for a project of this size.

“This is an ill-suited site for this purpose,” Block said. “The concern is the runoff, the storm water. What’s going to happen to everyone downstream from this?”

The property is a bowl, said Block, who added that it all runs into a ditch, then a culvert under U.S. 42.

“As it is, during storms, it floods Henry Wallace’s farm, and the bottom land,” he said. “There’s standing water that’s already an issue.”

Block also is concerned about the lack of sidewalks on the way to the TARC stop. It’s a journey he made over and over again, going to and from high school. It’s a mile away, and Block said it’s a dangerous path.

WAVE 3 News was not allowed into the community meeting. When we tried to get some more answers and learn what neighbors’ concerns were, we were asked to leave the property.

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