Family reunites after more than 60 years

Family reunites after more than 60 years
Family reunites after 60 years.

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - After being apart for more than 60 years, a set of twins are finding their way back to their family.

In 1951 Betty Hagan and Bobby Benedict were placed into foster care and adopted. For years, they thought the only family they had was each other.

“We lost them in the system because they were small and they got adopted out, and we could never find them,” said older sister Patty DiGilio.

68 years later they are reuniting with two of the eight siblings they never knew they had.

“I would make the statement a lot of times: I wish I had a sister to be close to and now we found out all of this,” said Betty.

20 years ago, Betty’s sister-in-law started the search to find Betty’s family but recently handed the project over.

“When I gave Daniel the information in March he just took over and ran with it, and he found them," said older sister Jan Stanley. "I’m as excited about it as they are”.

Betty, Bobby, and their two sisters, Dorie and Patti, have been in contact for the past six weeks, filling each other in, and introducing them to their other siblings living all around the world.

“They were never out of our minds, we always loved them, and missed them,” said Dorie Ritchie.

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