Emergency personnel train for active shooter scenario in Downtown Louisville

First responders practice active shooter training in downtown Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The Metro Sewer District Main Office building in Downtown Louisville is surrounded by buildings occupied by police, the courts, and the jail.

An exercise on Friday provided an opportunity for emergency personnel to train for an active shooter scenario in an urban environment.

These dangerous scenarios aren't limited to any one time or place. Schools, festivals, movie theaters, and shopping center have all been recent targets in major shootings.

This realistic training scenario Friday was a chaotic scene and bystanders and MSD employees took notice.

“That’s our main goal in emergency management is to not only prepare responders, but to also prepare the public, so see something, say something," said Louisville Metro Emergency Services Director Jody Meiman. "If there’s something just out of normal, we encourage everybody to report that.”

Mayor Greg Fischer was also at the training exercise. He spoke to first responders and MSD employees before the drill began, saying it’s unfortunate the drills have to take place.

“We’ve had a hate crime in our community with two deaths," Fischer said. "You tell the families of those people that it’s political. You tell the kids that died in El Paso and Dayton and Midland and Odessa, most recently, Sandy Hook, it’s political, it’s discusting. 90% of Americans want some type of gun safety reform So DC needs to catch up with the American citizens”

Fisher emphasized his belief that gun control is not a partisan issue, and that politicians need to come together at a federal level to make a change.

Mayor Fischer says he’s hopeful that Senator Mitch McConnell will do what he can to work with the Senate to pass legislation that has already passed the House.

For more information on what you can do in the event of an active shooter scenario at your workplace, click or tap here.

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