MSD working multiple cave-ins in downtown Louisville

MSD working multiple cave-ins in downtown Louisville
MSD maintains more than 3,300 miles of sewer lines.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - MSD crews are working three cave-in sites in downtown Louisville.

  • South Hancock Street at East Madison Street
    • Contractors who were installing fiber lines in the area reported a void under the pavement. The cave-in was caused by a break in a 27-inch, brick sewer line that runs under South Hancock Street. This pipe was installed in 1900. MSD crews will begin work at this site at 11 PM tonight and work throughout the weekend.
  • Fourth Street between Main and Market streets
    • Contractors working on underground electrical lines reported a void under the pavement on Fourth Street. MSD has inspected a 90-inch sewer line dating to 1928 that runs under Fourth Street and found no breakage. There is also an abandoned 36-inch brick sewer line, which was installed in 1900, in the area. There is no manhole access to this abandoned line. The cause of the void under the pavement is still under investigation by both MSD and Louisville Metro. The site is plated for traffic and safety through the weekend.
  • Seventh Street at Main Street
    • Electrical contractors working on Seventh Street reported a void under the pavement on Friday, August 30. Work continues on repairs to catch basin pipes that connect to the 18-inch clay sewer pipe, which was installed in 1903. This repair should be completed early next week.

Customers will see no interruption of service at any site. When necessary, crews install a temporary “pump-around,” which allows MSD to pump wastewater through a pipe along the surface of the roadway, then put the flow back into the sewer system at another manhole.

Traffic detours are in place as needed.

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