Neighbors await answers as New Albany police continue investigating 20-year-old woman’s death

Woman found dead in home; police still at scene 4 days later

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WAVE) – It’s not often you see police in a roped-off scene for more than 80 hours. But that’s what just happened in New Albany at a home just west of State Street.

Police were called in early Friday morning and have kept officers at the home around the clock since after they discovered the body of a 20-year-old woman. Without clear answers about what happened, many neighbors are getting worried.

“Never in six and a half years have we ever had a problem like this,” said Casondra Randall, who lives nearby along Valley View Court.

Randall said she’s hardly slept at all since she found out a young woman was found dead, likely one of her neighbors on Valley View Court.

New Albany police blocked off the street early Friday morning and have stayed out at the home since. Monday, investigators entered the home wearing protective footwear as they continue their investigation into the death.

“So since Friday, we’ve seen the CSI out here, the state police, the cops,” Randall said. “Sometimes you see two, three cops out here during the day and at night and it makes you very nervous.”

Many neighbors in the area said they didn’t know the woman who lived here at this home very well, but they said without clear answers as to what happened from police, it’s making them uneasy.

New Albany police have not yet identified the 20-year-old female victim. An autopsy was performed Monday and police are waiting for toxicology results in the case, New Albany Police Chief Todd Bailey said.

Randall said the woman in the home that officers have blocked off lived there with her young child. She said the woman was nice.

“We had cut her grass several times and spoke with her,” Randall said. “She was a very sweet lady.”

Bailey said police will always preserve death scenes until the autopsy is complete, stressing there is no current threat to public safety.

Still, neighbors are concerned.

“Nerves are on edge, especially when you see the police sitting out here, not knowing what’s going on because no one’s telling us nothing,” Randall said.

Many in the neighborhood just want answers from police about what happened that’s left their quiet part of town so shaken.

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