FallTALK! Tuesday Edition

FallTALK! Tuesday Edition

The heat will remain our big headline this week. In fact, near record heat possible today with the current record for the city at 98° set back in 1897! One of our older records. It will be tough to reach the records for the rest of the week with most of them at 100°. But we won’t be far!

Rain chances still look small with perhaps a shower in the morning across Indiana. Otherwise, a cold front Friday evening will bring our next risk as more than a downpour or two.

We get a drought update Thursday morning.

This front will knock temps down only slightly over the weekend.

Next week has 2 potential outcomes:

-Another heat wave of mid 90s.

-Highs in the 70s with a fading tropical system moving in from the south.

Given the tropical idea has only been in the data for the past 12 hours, we will go slow with that option. Just know the forecast for next week could certainly change drastically than the current forecast.

We’ll monitor it!

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