As number of uninsured rises, Henry County woman urges people to fight for their healthcare

Kentucky woman says not having insurance almost ended her life

HENRY COUNTY, Ky. (WAVE) - It was a November day in 2017 that changed Becky Rains’ life forever.

“A concrete truck had crossed the line and we just hit,” Rains said. “My husband was killed instantly, and I ended up being a quadriplegic.” ​

That happened just after she said she had decided to leave her health insurance because the cost went up hundreds of dollars.​

“Because I didn’t have insurance, they told us we had to go,” Rains said. “So, we left at one o’clock in the morning.” ​

After that, she was again sent off to another hospital. In a span of two years, she bounced between 10 different facilities.​

“Most of it is about the money,” she said.

The money, without health insurance, was running out quickly, as Rains applied for Medicaid. ​

“My sister actually took out a loan,” Rains said.

She said the private health insurance and Medicaid process was complicated and many tasked with making it work were misinformed. ​

So, she said her sister had to fight for her when people refused her care she knew she was supposed to get. ​

“If I was there by myself, I wouldn’t have been able to ask for anything,” Rains said. “I would just go by what they were telling me, and you gotta go. Nobody was there to stop what was happening.”​

She said the system meant to save her could have killed her if she was alone, which she fears is the case for a lot of senior citizens.​

“Without my sister, I would not be alive now,” Rains said. “I know that.” ​

For now, Rains is alive, and she’s enjoying the beauty of the world around here, with new advice for the 248,000 uninsured Kentuckians who are in the same situation she once was.​

“If somebody tells you once, or even twice, keep fighting,” she said. ​

It’s something she does every day. ​

“I do believe I will walk again, I know I will,” Rains said.

New statistics from the Census Bureau show that the number of people without health insurance across the country has gone up for the first time since 2009.

The number of uninsured in Kentucky increased by 13,000 people and rose by 9,000 in Indiana.

Just days ago, after trying to get health insurance for months, Rains was approved for Medicaid.

She said she has already experienced issues with it.

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