Watch: Cyclist buzzes by, gives pedestrian an apparent head-butt in London

Watch: Cyclist attacks pedestrian at London intersection

LONDON (CNN) - One thing you don't expect when crossing the street is to be head-butted by an angry cyclist, but that's exactly what happened last month.

Surveillance cameras caught the Aug. 22 incident in which a man crossed the street as a bicycle buzzed in front of him.

The cyclist, who had run a red light, then gets off his bike and approaches the pedestrian.

It appears as if they exchange a few words before the cyclist head-butts him and rides off after the 57-year-old businessman falls to the ground.

The victim required stitches above his eye and suffered ligament damage to his arm in the fall.

Police are searching for the cyclist, and although they don’t know who he is yet, the video provides a good look at him.

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