FallTALK! Thursday Edition

FallTALK! Thursday Edition

This heat stuff is getting old. But I know I am preaching to the crowd on this one.

To add to the weather headlines, much of WAVE Country (including Louisville) was placed back into DROUGHT status officially today. The outlook doesn’t look good for quite some time it appears.

In terms of the heat, there is a chance to either match or break a record high all the way into the middle of next week. The one exception does look to be Saturday when we gain a north wind long enough to lower the heat down and humidity as well. We’ll take it!

I mention the record heat risk into next week as the trends for the tropical system near FL are leaning toward it missing our area next week. Bad news for the SE coast and bad news for us as the hot and dry weather would continue. It is still early when it comes to that outlook so we’ll keep monitoring it as the changes have been fairly abrupt lately.

The video today will cover all of the above and a look at WHEN cooler air is showing up to arrive...

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