FallTALK! Tuesday Edition

FallTALK! Tuesday Edition

Well all pretty much know the story-line here, hot and dry.

So let’s look at when change could actually happen...

There is a tropical low near Houston that will try to send up some moisture toward a weak front on Friday nearby, but that risk is looking very slim. The core of that tropical low looks to get absorbed into our next cold front which will be around St. Louis this weekend. That means we have to THEN wait for the front to push in. And that timing keeps getting pushed back. Current thinking is next Monday night or Tuesday. Rainfall with the front is not looking impressive but it is our best shot.

Until then, the wind flow from a more east/southeast direction will at least keep the heat a bit more under control, especially in terms of the heat index. Having said that, daily highs in the 90s will continue.

We should get a break from the 90s with next week’s front with 80s on the charts, but I would not say the 90s are done with WAVE Country just yet.

I still believe the tropics will hold a key to shaking up our pattern and the next wave is a good week away.

Stay tuned...

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