Bardstown mother upset after son finds drug kit walking to school bus

Bardstown mother finds suspected drugs near yard

BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WAVE) - Tasha Shofner’s morning routine started off normally Thursday.

The Bardstown mother sent her child off to catch the bus. What he found just feet from her yard now has her outraged.

“I was pretty pissed,” Shofner said.

In the Springhill subdivision, Shofner said her 11-year-old son found a kit she believes someone was using to do drugs.

She said he came home moments after leaving to wait for the bus.

“At 7:30 this morning, he had picked up something off the ground in my neighbors’ yard and brought it home and was asking what it was,” Shofner said.

She said he was holding a small bag containing cotton balls, a metal cup with burn marks on the bottom, a tourniquet and the cap of a pill bottle. ​

“I mean, if there was a needle in there, he could have got stuck,” Shofner said. “He’s 11. He doesn’t need to be seeing stuff like that laying in the yard.”​

Upset and surprised by what was found, Shofner said she’s never experienced anything like this while living in her neighborhood for the past 15 years.

“Who wants their kids to go to the bus stop and find paraphernalia and all that laying on the ground?” she asked.

Shofner said people shouldn’t drop things like that where kids can walk, adding her neighborhood is close-knit, and it doesn’t want to see this happen again. ​

“We’ve got each other’s backs over here,” she said.

Shofner said she got rid of the what her son found once she got him on the bus.

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