Make it a Goode Morning! Weather Blog

Make it a Goode Morning! Weather Blog

Well, our “cool” mornings are going to take a break for awhile. It is time to return to the summer heat but without the high summer humidity. At least that is something, right?

I know, 90s are 90s. I get it.

As far as rainfall chances, we will be very close to the “storm zone” over the next few days. Most of the action looks to take place just to our north and east as we move into the weekend. If you live in one of our fringe counties in that directions, just keep an eye to the radar trends.

Otherwise, most of us will be dealing with the record heat.

As you may have heard already, with little rain forecast through Monday, September 2019 looks to go down as not only the “driest September on record” but also the “driest month on record"! That is just crazy given how we were setting rainfall records just a few months ago.

Today’s video will take a closer look at the heat PLUS at look at how the pattern starts to get a shake-up in the longer term.

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