Finding the best ways to reward children for success

Finding the best ways to reward children for success

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - School can be stressful for children, and parents helping their kids navigate their way through can be just as tough.

Experts say it’s important to find the right balance between rewarding kids when they succeed in school and teaching them when they don’t.

If a child is in elementary school and brings home a good report card, think about rewarding them with memories instead of money.

Child psychologists say that carving out time for a family movie night or a sleepover with friends could be a good way to go.

Some more options might include allowing them extra screen time to play video games or watch their favorite TV show.

Children in middle or high school are older and can more likely be rewarded with money, but only once they are taught the value of a dollar.

Psychologist Dr. Alton Bozeman says, “With a teenager, what we do is we tell parents, look at the areas where you are already giving them money for basic entertainment. Basic social life with their friends. So you pull back on that and then you turn that into an allowance.”

It's also important to remember to reward effort, not results.

If a child is good at finishing their homework on time and showing their work, but their grade slips from time to time because they aren’t great at taking tests, it’s important to remember that their hard work can be celebrated too.

Also be sure to celebrate if they’re being a great classmate or teammate, helping someone out, and going above and beyond. It’s important to teach children that friendliness, sportsmanship, and well-being are highly successful traits that are just as important to attain.

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