ACT plans to allow students to retake portions of the exam

ACT plans to allow students to retake portions of the exam
The changes take effect on the September 2020 national ACT test date and are meant to improve students’ test-taking experience and increase their opportunities for college admissions and scholarships. (Source: KEYC News Now)

PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Beginning in September of 2020 students will be able to retake portions of their ACT exam.

The ACT exam is a college entrance exam that includes math, English, reading, and science sections.

One teacher at Perry County Central High School believes this will improve scores.

"It's going to help a lot because it's going to reduce the amount of stress in some of the other sections," said Michael Montgomery who teaches Chemistry and Biology.

Montgomery goes on to say that after three hours of testing, usually the last subject is more stressful for students.

"Science for example has always been the final test so you take that after three hours of testing other sections, when you get to science, it's stressful and scores are typically lower in that subject area, so only having to take one subject at a time we're hoping to see much higher scores in those subject areas," said Montgomery.

According to a Wall Street Journal article, previously students would have to retake the whole exam. With the new changes, students can retake the portions in which they do not like their scores.

Students agree that only having to retake one subject at a time will ease the stress of test-taking.

“After four hours of test-taking you just want to get out of there and just go home,” said Stephen Taylor, a student at Perry County Central.

The Wall Street Journal also states that colleges can still see all of the student's scores from a test and additional scores from retakes that students want to include.

Brooklyn Wooton, a sophomore at Perry County Central High School, said she has not taken the test yet, but she thinks she will do well because of the new policy.

"I'm nervous but I know that if I need to do a subject over I can because of the new rules," said Wooton.

In the test’s 60-year history, ACT officials say this is the first time students will be able to retake individual sections.

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