Kentucky investigating more than 20 lung injury cases potentially linked to vaping

Kentucky investigating more than 20 lung injury cases potentially linked to vaping
Department of Public Health officials say no specific e-cigarette device or substance has been linked to all cases, although the CDC’s current investigation indicates products containing THC play a role in the outbreak. (Source: Pixabay)

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky health officials say they are investigating more than 20 lung injury cases which could potentially be linked to vaping, WAVE 3 News’ sister station WKYT reports.

The Kentucky Department for Public Health announced it is investigating 25 cases in the state. Of those 25, one case is directly linked, four are probable, and two were ruled out. The confirmed case involves a man in his early 30s who vaped with nicotine and no THC or synthetic cannabinoid. All 25 cases involve people who use vaping products.

Eighteen people have died in 15 states nationwide, and there are at least 1,000 confirmed and probable cases.

Kentucky health leaders are urging people to keep vaping devices away from young people because the short and long-term effects of e-cigarettes are still "relatively unknown."

“What we do know is that these products contain nicotine, often at high levels, which is highly addictive and habit-forming, and may lead to a lifetime of use," Secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services Adam Meier said. "What we are also finding anecdotally is that young people are more likely to use black market products, illicit drugs or other harmful substances which are often a contributing factor to the acute respiratory illnesses we are seeing associated with these devices.”

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