Make it a Goode Morning! Weather Blog 10/9

Make it a Goode Morning! 10/9

Another battle with fog/clouds this morning but sunshine will win out later today. Just another excuse for a nap :)

The wind flow switches around more from the south over the next couple of days and that will push highs back into the upper 70s and lower 80s.

The main feature in the days ahead is a cold front that will slam into our area Friday night. The rain will be on the radar to our west Friday afternoon with the clouds rolling in well ahead of it. As it stands now, a couple broken lines of showers/thunderstorms will move in from the west after sunset through about sunrise Saturday. Your location within WAVE Country will determine where your timing falls in that window.

It will be windy ahead of the front Friday afternoon/evening and windy after the front through Saturday morning...just a much colder wind.

The good news is the front looks progressive enough that the wind should relax some by the afternoon. It will still be a sunny and cool day with highs mainly in the 50s.

Saturday night looks to be our first “cold” night of the season with 30s and lower 40s. As it stands now, the wind will start to pick back up and some high clouds will stream in. Those are factors in limiting temperatures getting down to frost level and even allowing frost to even form to begin with. Having said that, I can see some “patchy” areas of frost being possible but no signs of a “killing” frost. We’ll keep watching it.

The wind will pick up a bit more on Sunday from the southwest to allow for a quick turn-around in temperatures back closer to 70 degrees later in the day.

Another system will quickly roll in/develop over us by later Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Some rain will be possible with that feature as well.

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