Southern Indiana man charged with arson, accused of starting fire in cousin’s home that killed his dog

Police make arrest in arson case months after house fire

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - "They don't deserve it; they were good people," neighbor Phaedra Horton said. "And I hate to see that anything happened, especially with the dog."

Months after an arson fire that damaged a Jeffersonville home and claimed the life of a pet dog, charges are now being filed. Adam Carroll is facing charges of arson and killing a domestic animal, accused of starting a fire in his cousin’s home.

Restoration work is underway at the arson-damaged home on Jonquil Drive in Jeffersonsville. Months earlier, the sight of smoke brought Horton and police over, trying to alert anyone inside.

“We started noticing the smoke coming from (the home), so ... we started beating on (a window),” Horton said.

The fire’s crackle alerted her to the danger.

“I mean, you could hear the rolling of the fire through the windows,” Horton said.

Inside, investigators found the homeowner’s 2-year-old pit bull dead from smoke inhalation, a propane torch and seven different spots where fires had been started, as well as a cellphone belonging to the person who’d started the fire.

Carroll, the victim’s cousin, is now facing charges months after allegedly starting the fire. Court records show Carroll told his brother that he’d started the fire because “people were out to get him.”

Carroll’s motive for the arson has been difficult to uncover, Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said. Investigators said the victim had never been to his house.

“There had not been any sort of prior conflict, and so it was something that surprised the victim,” Mull said. “And again, we’re going to be investigating further about what the motivations may have been, but it does not appear to be any sort of family dispute or anything like that.”

Carroll’s brother alerted his cousin and police, believing his brother was behind the arson after he confessed to him about starting the fire that damaged his home and killed his pet dog.

The news of what happened shocked the typically quiet neighborhood.

“It shattered my heart; our dog’s like our kid,” Horton said.

For Horton, she said the charges are coming as a relief for her neighbors whom she said never did anything wrong.

“To know that justice is being served, it makes me happy because they didn’t deserve it,” she said.

If convicted, Carroll could face up to 14 and a half years in prison. He’s currently being held in the Clark County Jail on unrelated charges.

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