Indiana announces $99M in infrastructure funding to improve roads, bridges

Community Crossings to help Indiana communities improve infrastructure

MADISON, Ind. (WAVE) - The way Hoosiers travel is getting a massive investment in improving roads and bridges, as part of the Community Crossings Initiative, a multi-million dollar plan to increase the safety of infrastructure around the state in the coming years.

Governor Eric Holcomb was in Madison, Indiana Thursday, handing out checks that will provide $99 million to 230 communities around the state of Indiana to improve infrastructure. Community Crossings is a program that serves as an investment in communities now, though the program will continue for years to come. It’s paving the way for safer travel in the Hoosier state.

“I love the smell of asphalt and concrete, it’s just the smell of progress,” Holcomb said.

Handing out check after check to communities and counties, Governor Holcomb is dishing out nearly a billion dollars toward road improvements, as part of a plan to invest billions in infrastructure over 20 years. In Madison, they’ve seen the program’s benefits, paving Vaughn Drive near the riverfront, making traveling here smoother and safer.

“This is a key part of building one Indiana, from the most urban to the most rural parts of our state. And that’s why we’ve been recognized as having the, CNBC said we have the number one infrastructure program in the country, because we’ve invested in how we connect with one another,” Holcomb said.

While in Madison, Governor Holcomb spoke about the work the teacher pay commission is doing to find a way to increase educator’s salaries. A series of public input sessions around the state recently wrapped up. Public input will influence the commission’s recommendations they submit to legislators for the next budget session.

Finding a way to increase teacher pay will be the lynchpin to determine how Indiana will grow in the coming years, Holcomb said.

“I want to make sure that at the end of the day, at the end of this process, Hoosier teachers are not just paid what they’re worth but Hoosier teachers are paid at a level where we’re starting to attract teachers from surrounding states,” Holcomb said.

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