Make it a Goode Morning! Weather Blog 10/15

Make it a Goode Morning! 10/15

The pattern still looks active with a few cold fronts to track over the next 7-14 days.

We start with the first one which actually arrives tonight.

The rain should hold off until after sunset then it will increase, west to east, as the night wears on. It will become breezy ahead of it and also after it passes. Not exactly a pleasant night ahead.

Wednesday’s forecast will be HIGHLY dependent on cloud cover. The air aloft turning much colder Wednesday, a cloud deck is likely to form. The question will be the location of the cloud shield and how much of it will erode away in the afternoon?

Given our history with these setups, it is usually safe to bet on the clouds and consider any sunshine to be a bonus.

The bad news is that a cloudy setup like this will also mean temperatures will struggle through the 40s for much of the day! Hello winter!

We will bounce back Thursday and Friday with warmer air working back in.

Our next cold front to track arrives by Monday. The video today will cover this one in more detail.

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