Man stops train robbery on way to Chicago Marathon, still runs in race

CHICAGO (WGN/CNN) - A marathoner jumped into action when he said he saw a man with a gun threatening other passengers on a train.

When Jean Paul LaPierre, 54, said he watched a man robbing other passengers, he didn't want to sit by and do nothing.

It started when the train was stopped, and riders rushed for the doors.

"Said, 'This doesn't seem the right way.' He says, 'No. There's a guy on the train with a gun walking around right now robbing people.' So that kind of made me mad," LaPierre said.

That's why, LaPierre said he got back on the train and confronted the man entirely on his own.

He grabs the gun out of the man's hands and asks for help from other passengers to put the safety lock on it.

"I'm a boxer. I'll break your head in one punch," he can be heard telling the man. "I can hit you seven times in three seconds."

LaPierre said that man had friends on the train, but he didn't waiver.

"They started threatening me, but I stood stern-faced and the guy kept saying, 'It's just a gun. Let me go. Let me go.' I kept telling him, 'You're not going anywhere,'" LaPierre said.

According to WGN, he held onto the man until police arrived.

Then once LaPierre was off the train, he ran the Chicago Marathon.

A fellow runner on the train said she was threatened moments earlier and recorded the encounter between LaPierre and the robbery suspect. She was thankful he was there and said he didn't hesitate to step in.

She said that "everyone else just sat there frozen."

LaPierre runs a storage facility in the Boston area, but before that Golden Gloves boxing in his youth prepared him for the encounter.

Despite the standoff, LaPierre said Chicago is a great place.

"It's one of the best cities I've ever visited," he said.

This was his 12th Chicago Marathon, and despite taking down a suspected robber on his way to the start line, he said he's looking forward to running again next year.

WGN reports that police identified the suspect on the train as Tremaine Anderson and he is charged with a felony county of robbery with a firearm.

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