Self-driving scooters are coming to city sidewalks

There’s nothing freaky about self-driving scooters, right?

Self-driving scooters are coming to city sidewalks
Companies are exploring self-driving scooters to lower operational costs and soothe strained relations with cities. (Source: CNN)

(CNN/Gray News) – Electric scooter companies are looking for solutions to the clutter their vehicles create on city sidewalks and other problems the quickly-developing industry faces.

They’re exploring self-driving scooters – ones that could move themselves to a better parking spot or even to another area where demand is higher.

E-scooter companies have struggled with collecting, charging and keeping tabs on their vehicles. Self-driving scooters could solve or at least lessen these problems.

The new technology might also help with the strained relationships the businesses often have with cities as users dump their scooters, often in inconvenient locations, after they’re done using them.

For now, the technology is still developing.

“The next two years are going to be pretty rough,” said Matt Brezina, a scooter, bike and autonomous vehicle startup investor. “But it was not common 10 years ago to have a cell phone out at dinner and now everyone does.”

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