Tips to save money on holiday travel

If you're heading out of town for Fall break or gearing up for the holidays, it's no secret traveling is expensive.
Published: Oct. 15, 2019 at 8:06 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - If you’re heading out of town for Fall break or gearing up for the holidays, it’s no secret traveling is expensive. There are some quick tips to keep in mind that will hopefully save you a bit of money.

Before you hit the road, try filling up on gas in the morning or late in the day. Gas is cooler in the morning and more dense. As temperatures rise, gas density falls, which means you get less gas when you pump.

Also, try filling up early in the week. Gas prices will jump up on Wednesdays and normally rise through Saturday.

Several local grocery stores or credit card companies offer loyalty points that can be used at gas stations, and you can save money that way too.

You can check the cheapest gas prices around the area in real time by going to

Now if you need to fly to get to your destination, purchase your airline ticket right now.

Booking your flight on Tuesdays, especially after 3 p.m. will save you the most money.

Also, try flying out mid-week. If you leave on a Tuesday or Wednesday, you can save hundreds of dollars round trip.

And another trick, before you book round trip check the price of two one-way tickets. Sometimes that’s a cheaper option than a round-trip ticket.

Also, AARP says taking a driver’s ed class can save you around 200 dollars a year with your insurance company.

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