Former NASCAR team owner’s death under investigation, body found in Ohio River

Name of man found dead at Prospect marina released

PROSPECT, Ky. (WAVE) - The man found dead in the Ohio River on Tuesday was identified Wednesday, but on Thursday, it still remained unclear how he died.

Lonnie Troxell, 68, once owned a NASCAR team from 2000 to 2005.

A few hours before Troxell’s body was found, his family shared online that he was last seen at the Captain’s Quarter’s marina at 3 p.m. Tuesday.

Troxell lived on a houseboat there.

Captain’s Quarters spokesman Steve Draper said Troxell had lived at the marina for 25 years, and was a kind and friendly neighbor.

“It was really unsettling when we saw all the cop cars showed up,” neighbor Brooke Besemer said. “We assumed they had found a body. We only heard maybe an hour prior to that the man was missing and all of the sudden it was all happening at once.”

Besemer and some of her neighbors do not suspect foul play, but police haven’t said for sure.

“I don’t know what happened, but I don’t think it was malicious, but, that’s all that we can hope is that it wasn’t,” Besemer said. “I don’t feel at risk of harm in this moment. If there’s more news released, then I’ll definitely take more precautions for safety.”

Added Joe Zerga, who also docks at the Captain’s Quarters Yacht Club: “It was a very big shock that this happened. I’m cleaning my boat all by myself, and it makes me think about how dangerous things can be when you’re on slippery surfaces all by yourself. I don’t know what happened to the gentleman, but we have to be safety conscious when we’re around water and boats, and it’s certainly terrible what happened to him.”

Zerga said he didn’t know Troxell, but many of his friends and neighbors did.

“He was very well known and very well liked,” Zerga said. “I have a friend who told me how he would help out every time he was doing work on his boat, so we’re going to miss him, and he had a lot of friends here at the marina.”

Police are asking anyone with information to call at 574-LMPD.

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