Make it a Goode Morning! Weather Blog 10/17

Make it a Goode Morning! 10/17

Fairly quiet weather for us over the next few days.

It will take some time to get temperatures back up into the 70s and the mornings will be chilly with frost.

The weekend will feature a mix of sun and clouds with highs in the 70s. There will be (2) features to monitor. A cold front arriving late Saturday night that will be fading off the map, and a potential tropical storm (Nestor?) developing in the Gulf of Mexico that may graze our southern section with some showers...again Saturday night. Overall the rain chance from both features is low and both are focusing on the same time period.

Monday is when our strong cold front arrives. There is not doubt this baby has the wind energy. It is just a matter of the amount of fuel for t-storm to grow tall enough into that wind belt to produce a risk for severe wind gusts and/or an isolated tornado. The data is still varying a good 6 hours on timing and arriving at 2pm would certainly mean more fuel than arriving at 8pm. We will continue to monitor this setup carefully.

T-storms aside, this entire system will have a general constant wind with it that will ramp up Monday morning then fades late Monday night. Even some of those speeds could push 40 mph so even if we don’t get the severe wind gust aspect, the general winds would need to be watched as well. This is what we call a “leaf-stripper” front.

Just prepare for an active setup Monday afternoon and evening.

The pattern then tries to take on a more late fall/early winter look to it. The video today will cover this in more detail.

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