Lexington man honors late friend by gifting drum set to his buddy with Down Syndrome

Lexington man honors late friend by gifting drum set to his buddy with Down Syndrome
Josh Banks has been practicing his skills since Brack Duncan gifted him the drums Monday. (Source: WKYT)

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Music can help us remember some of the best moments, and help us get through some of the worst.

For one family, the music of their son now lives on through the beat of a drum, reports WAVE 3 News’ sister station WKYT.

"You do what you can with what you have left," Brack Duncan said.

After a tragic incident claimed the life of University of Kentucky student Kyle Landwehr, his friends and family were left to pick up the pieces. That included figuring out what to do with the things he left behind.

"When Kyle's mom mentioned wanting to do something with his drum, she asked if I knew somebody that might want it,” Brack, one of Kyle’s close friends, said. “I thought I knew the perfect person."

That person was Josh Banks. Living with Down Syndrome, Josh is one of Brack Duncan's best buds, and one of their favorite things to do together is to ride around and listen to music.

After watching Josh play the air drums in the car, Brack decided it was time Josh got to play the drums for real, gifting him Kyle’s drums.

It helped turn a tragedy into a hopeful tune, as Josh has now been practicing to be able to play in a concert next spring.

"That'd be cool wouldn't it?” Brack asked Josh.“Me drum?” Josh asked, then responded, “Yeah!"

Now every time Josh picks up his sticks, Kyle's memory lives on in song.

“I think that he would really like that,” Brack said of his late friend. “And, it’s something that he would have wanted to be done.”

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