Make it a Goode Morning! Weather Blog 10/18

Make it a Goode Morning!

Another frosty morning in WAVE Country.

We will ease out of that phase for a few days as warmer air flows in.

The weekend still looks dry overall with the only bump in the forecast being some showers that push in late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. They continue to look light and isolated. Highs will generally be in the 70s for both days.

An Alert Day has been declared now for the Monday front. And this is due not so much on a widespread severe t-storm threat as it is for a period of heavy rain/strong wind gusts just as kids are getting out of school and people are leaving work. As a reminder, Alerts Days can get issued for dangerous weather but also for weather that isn’t severe, but can still disrupt travel and events. And the timing of this front is the reason for the latter thinking. We’ll keep an eye on it over the weekend.

As far as the rain/wind portion, some 1-2″ of rain looks possible with isolated higher amounts across southern Kentucky. The wind field in general will be an issue with gusty winds around midday all the way through sunset. The wind will relax for a few hours Monday night but it will then ramp up overnight into Tuesday. With gusts potentially climbing to 40-45 mph, Wind Advisories are likely to get issued. Say good-bye to many of our leaves!

After this front blows out of here, there is another one diving in toward the end of next week and the following weekend. Cold air once again looks to return. The video today will cover the setup on Monday and the extended in much more detail.

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