Volunteers help the budget gap by cleaning up community

Community cleanup held in Clifton neighborhood

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A call for help was answered Saturday morning in the Clifton neighborhood. District 9 Councilman Bill Hollander asked community members to help pick up the trash they’ve passed on their streets.

Volunteers from District 9 stepped in when they said they know their city can’t. They wanted to help keep their community clean.

Louisville has seen the impacts from the city’s budget crisis. Children saw closed signs on local pools, people have lost jobs, and the 25 volunteers that helped out on Saturday morning saw and smelled the impact on the ground in the Clifton neighborhood.

Cynthia Thomas brought her 16-year-old daughter Lydia to help. They cleared a drain, then thought about the stories attached to the trash left behind.

“The city isn’t there to take care of all the trash even when the budget isn’t in crisis,” Cynthia said.

“I’ve seen so many glass bottles and straws,” Cynthia’s daughter Lydia said.

District 9 councilman Bill Hollander said right now the city doesn’t have the means to walk, stop and collect what people left behind.

“You have wonder who are the people that are coming through here that are throwing things out the window or was there a homeless person that slept up here,” Cynthia said. “This might be where they were and the best thing they could have done was live up in these woods.”

The Thomas’ said they were willing to get their hands in the dirt to give everyone a plastic free, bag free and junk free community to live in.

“How did it even come to this?” Lydia asked. “Like here’s a piece of big styrofoam.”

The next community cleanup will be held in the spring.

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