Police in Terry Whitehouse case: Hammer believed to be murder weapon

Police in Terry Whitehouse case: Hammer believed to be murder weapon

EMINENCE, Ky. (WAVE) - New information in the case of Terry Whitehouse -- the man whom police say killed his father-in-law and kidnapped his estranged wife -- has taken detectives on a statewide manhunt.

Whitehouse was caught some 36 hours after the killing, and is being held on $1 million bond. The case will now move to a grand jury.

In court Monday, a detective told a judge the medical examiner believes blunt force trauma was the cause of death to Whitehouse’s father-in-law Marvin Bowman.

Eminence Police Det. John Dudinskie said Whitehouse confessed to killing Bowman, adding that Melinda Whitehouse gave them information about where to find a hammer that's believed to be the murder weapon.

Dudinskie also said the hammer has been recovered. Although police say they believe Whitehouse kidnapped his wife Melinda, who had a domestic violence order out on him, they said Terry Whitehouse claimed his wife helped him kill Bowman, stabbing him as he came out of the house.

Melinda Whitehouse also claimed she willingly went with him to Dollar General stores in Simpsonville and Lawrenceburg and a McDonald’s on Blankenbaker Parkway. The surveillance video has been recovered from the Dollar General stores, and a clerk was interviewed at one store.

“When the officer that collected the video recovered the video, he stated the individual at the store stated that (Whitehouse and his estranged wife) didn’t appear to be under any type of duress, neither one of them,” Dudinskie told WAVE 3 News.

WAVE 3 News asked if that meant Melinda Whitehouse didn’t appear to be held against her will? Dudinskie answered no to that particular store employee.

Detectives said Melinda Whitehouse had a cut on her back. She told police her estranged husband was using a kitchen knife to hold her. A silver knife was believed to have been thrown out a window possibly by Melinda Whitehouse, police said.

Detectives said Terry Whitehouse also claimed his wife wanted Bowman dead because he didn’t work and her mother had to support him.

Police said the case is still under investigation.

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