Reward upped in case of missing Louisville woman

Reward upped in case of missing Louisville woman

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The reward for information about a Louisville mother who’s been missing for more than two months has grown.

A private investigator on the Andrea Knabel case says the cash reward is now up to $5,000.

Knabel was last seen around 1 a.m. August 13 in the Audubon Park area. She may have been spotted in Southern Indiana a few weeks ago.

Knabel's father, Mike Knabel, spoke to WAVE 3 News on Monday. He says his family decided to increase the reward hoping it would lead to Andrea.

"The further it goes, the more I fear that we won't see her," Mike Knabel said.

Mike Knabel says he doesn't know if his daughter just decided to leave on her own or if something bad happened to her. His family is working with a private investigator, Tracy Leonard, to help them find Andrea. Leonard took to social media over the weekend to talk about the latest in the case.

In the video, Leonard traced her to a hospital, family members, and a ride sharing driver.

"There are over 100 persons of interest and we have been going down the line," Leonard said. "Two months is a long time, I'll tell you that on any type of investigation. We don't believe that she does have her phone."

Leonard says there has been no activity in her financial accounts since she vanished. He says anyone who thinks they see her should take a picture and call police.

"Please try to keep her in sight until police get there," Leonard said.

“The ultimate thing you don’t want to find out as a parent becomes a possibility too,” Mike Knabel said. “I’m not even going to say the word.”

Mike says if his daughter is reading this story, he just wants her to come home.

"We just want you to come home so we can have you become the person you are meant to be," Mike Knabel said. The love is unconditional by all these people."

Mike Knabel does not believe that his daughter is in the Louisville area, but he’s not ruling that out either.

Anyone with tips can leave them on the Finding Andrea Facebook page.

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