Make it a Goode Morning! Weather Blog 10/22

Make it a Goode Morning! 10/22

Main focus with today’s video is on the setup for this weekend and into Halloween.

Both feature the same challenges when it comes to how energy will pass through our region and at what speed.

We are into the time of the year in which small adjustments to a storm system’s strength/path leads to big differences in outcomes.

For example, this weekend.

One model (GFS) is progressive with the system and brings rain in in Friday. With it being faster, the rest of the weekend could trend drier and cool but actually fairly pleasant with 50s/60s.

Another model we use often (EURO), is slower with the energy and that buys it time to become stronger. A stronger system also means slower which means a dry Friday (and warmer 60s/70) with rain/thunderstorms moving in Saturday night or Sunday.

I wouldn’t change your plans for the weekend as it is only Tuesday. Just know these are the challenges in the data we are working on as a team and we will keep the 10 day on the WAVE 3 Weather App updated in the direction we feel the most confident in.

Stay tuned!

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