Louisville launches a registry for animal abusers

New registry prevents animal abusers to adopt or purchase animals

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A new Animal Abuser Registry in Louisville is expected to prevent pets from falling into the hands of people with a history of animal abuse.

Approved by Louisville Metro Council and administered by Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS), the registry is similar to a sex offender registry.

Anyone who lives in the Louisville Metro and is guilty of animal cruelty is required to keep their name on a list for two years after a conviction.

Pet stores, shelters or rescue groups are also required to check the registry before they allow someone to adopt or buy a pet.

“So if you’re wanting to give your dog away to somebody,” Adam Hamilton, LMAS Animal Control Supervisor said. “On Facebook or Craig’s list, something like that, look it up. You’ll be able to see if that person’s on there. So you won’t be giving your animal away to somebody who’s an animal abuser.”

Someone lands on the list if they are convicted of extreme cases of mistreatment like beating or killing an animal, dogfighting, torture or assaulting a service animal.

The ordinance makes Louisville law tougher than state law.

Kentucky annually ranks at the bottom for the weakest animal protection laws according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

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