After chemotherapy, Archbishop Kurtz says ‘sickness brings out the best in people’

WAVE 3 News Exclusive: Archbishop Joseph Kurtz discusses cancer treatment, next steps

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Archbishop Joseph Kurtz expressed confidence as he discussed his recent cancer treatments in an exclusive interview with WAVE 3 News.

Kurtz is back at home in Louisville after 8 rounds of chemotherapy for an aggressive form of cancer in his bladder and prostate.

“I just had a CT scan last Wednesday,” Kurtz said. “They could find no evidence of it anywhere else. I have a few little blood clots that I’m taking Eliquis for and dealing with. But the doctor said just stay active and we’ve got a good surgeon who’s going to be operating on me and so I feel very confident.”

Kurtz appears remarkably healthy after the ordeal. He said he lost 25 pounds but has gained some of it back.

He will undergo surgery at the Duke Cancer Institute on November 11 to remove his bladder and prostate.

“Sickness brings out the best in people because you end up saying things to people that you know and you feel in your heart but you don’t maybe take the time to say,” Kurtz said. “Trying to let things unfold, trying to understand God’s plan for you, I think that is a gift.”

When asked what he credited for his recovery so far, Kurtz had one answer.

“God’s grace,” Kurtz said. "God’s grace and my loving to serve here in Louisville and wanting to get back as soon as I can.”

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