Make it a Goode Morning! Weather Blog 10/24

Make it a Goode Morning! 10/24

Very dynamic system in store for Saturday and Saturday night. The data is still evolving on timing of rainfall and heaviest amount locations.

This is looking more and more to be an event that will vary from one end of WAVE Country to the other so it will be important to monitor the trends on the WAVE 3 Weather App for your location.

Overall setup:

Warm front moves in Saturday midday/afternoon. Rain will move in south to north as early as sunrise and it should be widespread by late morning/midday Saturday. Temperatures will generally be in the 50s with the wind ramping up after midday.

As we move into Saturday afternoon, the heavy rain will focus across southern IN and parts of western and central KY. There are signs of a “dry punch” into the SE corner of this system but it remains unclear how far into WAVE Country that will push. The track of the low pressure is key on this. Along that track, the rain is likely to remain steady with cool temperatures in the 50s. In the “dry punch" temperatures will keep warming into the 60s/70s with strong gusty winds.

By Saturday night, the main wave of this system moves in from the west. Just how quickly it moves along is also varying on the data but the rainfall looks widespread and very heavy as it passes through. The wind will continue to ramp up with gusts over 40 mph possible. For those of you that get to warm up, you will remain warm until this wave hits. For the rainy zone, again, you will stay cooler in the 50s along with the gusty winds.

This whole system looks to be east by sunrise Sunday with the rest of the day staying breezy and cloudy at times but the heavy rain threat will be over.

So obviously there is a lot to monitor in a short period of time but we will keep you posted!

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