Make it a Goode Morning! Weather Blog 10/25

Make it a Goode Morning!

Today is our “transition” day as our storm system to the south gets organized for Saturday.

Here is how the trends look today:

Now-7PM: Cloudy. Temps in the 60s.

7pm-12AM: Radar lights up south with rain pushing into southern KY during this time. It will likely struggle to reach the ground initially so only very light amounts, if anything, expected for our southern counties.


12AM-5AM: Rainfall rates start to increase across our southern counties as the warm front develops and now starts to push toward the TN/KY border.

5AM-NOON: East/west band of steady, moderate/heavy rain will track south to north with the warm front. The rain will likely ease down or end for our southern counties by late morning. Temperatures generally stay in the 50s.

NOON-5PM: Warm front pushes north of Louisville with the widespread rain machine taking a break. Will it be completely dry? That is unlikely given the tropical flow but any rain looks to be spotty. The wind will increase from the E/SE with gusts over 20mph by 5pm. Temperatures will remain in the 50s to start with a jump to near 70 by 5pm along/south of the Ohio River.

5PM-7PM: Windy and warm. Temperatures likely to reach their “max” point into the low to mid 70s in some locations. The spotty showers will continue but there will be an obviously band of heavy rain just west of I-65 developing at this point.

7PM-3AM SUNDAY: The band of heavy rain will pass through WAVE Counties west to east during this period with exact timing still varying. The wind will likely reach its strongest level as well during this time with gusts over 40 mph possible. We will need to watch the wind fields carefully during this time as any thunderstorm that can develop in this flow could become briefly severe.

3AM-Sunrise: Radar really calms down but clouds likely to linger with temps generally in the 50s.

So as you can tell, it doesn’t look like a washout of a day but there are certain time periods when it will be a mess out there. Please stay close to the WAVE 3 Weather App for updates.

The video today will cover this plus a quick update toward Halloween.

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