Former mayor takes on current mayor for top job in Jeffersonville mayoral race

Decision 2019: Jeffersonville to vote between current, former mayors

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WAVE) – There’s less than one week to go until the November elections, and there are big contests on the line around southern Indiana, with some tight races expected.

In Jeffersonville, voters will have to decide between their current mayor and the former mayor, as Democrat Tom Galligan takes on incumbent Republican Mike Moore.

Both Galligan and Moore want to continue to capitalize on Jeffersonville’s growth in recent years, setting the town up for lasting growth. But, both have different visions as to what will build a better community.

Galligan, who served as mayor previously, said he’s accomplished a lot for the town.

“I’m sitting in one of them; it’s the quadrangle,” Galligan said. “River Ridge. I worked real hard with two other mayors to get that organized the way it is.”

Galligan said he wants to see flooding concerns in Oak Park and downtown addressed as well as reduce the homeless population in town by providing resources and training.

“And I want to set something up with the school system or whoever we need to do it with, set some training up to teach them a trade so they can work,” Galligan said.

The city is growing rapidly. Galligan said the community needs to be selective about bringing in high-paying, quality businesses while also focusing on revitalizing the area between Spring Street and Allison Lane.

“There’s a lot of vacant buildings,” Galligan said. “And we don’t need for it to die down here so they can go up there and do something. We need to be redeveloping this also.”

Moore said he’s bringing in unprecedented growth, investing $54 million in infrastructure with part of that funding going toward improving Holmans Lane and 10th Street, leading to more businesses moving in on Veterans Parkway, downtown and near the Interstate 265 interchange.

“There’s a whole lot more land still left to be developed,” Moore said. “So that $54 million of infrastructure improvements puts us way ahead of everybody else for the next 30 or 40 years. There’s going to be more and more options for families to shop at.”

In his past two terms, Moore said 9,000 new jobs have moved into town, many at River Ridge. That’s helping pay for more police and funding free college at Ivy Tech for Jeffersonville High grads through Jeffersonville’s Promise.

“We’re attracting companies that are looking for college-educated employees,” Moore said. “Jeffersonville’s Promise will ensure that we have the workforce to fill these jobs.”

Moore said he wants to find ways to continue the economic growth while investing in parks, helping to bolster the quality of life for residents.

“Jeffersonville has become a thriving city,” he said. “And I feel like we’re just getting started.”

Early voting is already underway at the Clark County Courthouse, for those looking to get their ballot in ahead of time. Election Day is Tuesday.

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