Sewage leak at Harrison County Animal Control leaves animals standing in four inches of filth

Updated: Oct. 29, 2019 at 11:11 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A sewage leak brought operations at Harrison County Animal Control to a soggy standstill Tuesday.

Staff arrived to find dogs standing in four inches of sewage water.

Surveillance cameras inside captured the scene as the animals waited overnight for help. When staff clocked in early Tuesday morning, dogs were standing in four inches of filth.

"I was very concerned for the animals because they were stressed, they didn’t know what was going on,” April Breeden with Harrison County Animal Control said. “They weren’t sure why there was water in the kennels.”

Now all cleaned up, the pups are doing okay. The problem was found to be with the new pumps recently put in the septic tank.

Lucas Oil bought 10 new, clean crates to put the dogs in. Some were taken to another shelter.

“We saw that we do have some space so we came out here to do anything we could to help,” Megan Decker with the Kentucky Humane Society said, "and we are actually taking eleven dogs back with us.”

The help from Kentucky Humane Society won't end there.

"Now that the dogs are with KHS, they’re all going to be spayed or neutered, they’re going to be micro-chipped, they’re going to be vaccinated and then they’re all going to go up for adoption so they’ll all be looking for new homes,” Decker said.

The place should be clean within a day or so, but the hope is they find permanent homes.

“Hopefully we can get them moved out of here as soon as possible,” Breeden said. “The kennel can be a stressful place for dogs so we want to get them into homes as soon as we can.”

Breeden is asking for the public’s help by adopting or sponsoring adoption fees so that animals in the shelter can find homes faster during this emergency.

Donations can be mailed to 3132 Hope Lane NW, Corydon IN 47112 or by stopping by the shelter.

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