Murder suspect Brice Rhodes appears in court, asks to dismiss attorney once again

Updated: Oct. 31, 2019 at 5:58 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Brice Rhodes spoke out in court on Thursday as a judge weighed in on who will represent the murder suspect.

Rhodes is charged in several murders including those of brothers Maurice Gordon and Larry Ordway in May 2016.

Since his arrest in 2016, Rhodes has made headlines for bad behavior in the courtroom and in jail.

He’s accused of threatening the family of a corrections officer, spitting on an attorney, throwing urine on a jailer and threatening a judge.

Rhodes asked the court to remove his current defense attorney after losing his first two attorneys.

“It took us a long time to find somebody,” proclaimed Division Four Judge Charles Cunningham Jr.

The lawyer now stepping in to defend Rhodes is Thomas Griffiths from the Kentucky Department of Advocacy. Rhodes claims he made racist comments towards him and that he does not trust him with his case. He told the judge he and his family are currently working to hire an attorney to represent him.

“It’s definitely not going to work,” Rhodes said in court. “He definitely needs to be removed from my case due to the racist comments he made to me.”

At this time, the judge has not made his ruling on Rhodes request to remove his current attorney.

“Your job is to do your job not to worry about me,” Rhodes exploded. “That’s what I’m saying. I worry about me.”

Rhodes added a few expletives before leaving court.

Rhodes has also asked the judge for direct dismissal of the case sighting perjury by detectives and the prosecution. He made arguments defending himself.

“I proved over and over the Commonwealth committed perjury by falsifying testimony about evidence,” stressed Rhodes. “It’s clear that they violated my rights and broke the law. I ask you to balance out the scales of justice and penalize the Commonwealth for their improper conduct.”

The grandmother of the teenage boys Rhodes is accused of murdering stood and began to talk to the Judge as he made his way out of the courtroom.

“This is going on for four years and nothings been done,” Debbie Wren said with disdain.

Wren expressed her desire for Rhodes to be executed.

“Every time he comes in, he tries to get rid of his lawyer,” Wren said with disgust. “He’s just prolonging and prolonging. He’s playing the system. That’s exactly what he’s doing.”

Kentucky has had 1 death penalty verdict in the last five years. Judge Cunningham knows the weight and importance of following letter of the law in every case.

Judge Cunningham stressed to the victim’s grandmother that if Rhodes did not have a lawyer and they proceeded with the case he “bet his house and almost his children’s lives that the ruling would be reversed right away.”

A new trial date was set pushing Rhodes trial from April to August.

Judge Cunningham assured Rhodes he had his best interest in mind.

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