Drug roundup puts more than 50 in jail

50 arrested in Jeffersonville drug trafficking blitz

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WAVE) - More than 50 arrests were made for narcotics trafficking after a joint effort by the FBI and local law enforcement.

Suspects across southern Indiana to Louisville are charged with dealing meth and other drugs. Police said several of them also were in possession of guns.

“The more they get off the street the better, the safer the neighborhood’s going to be,” Jeffersonville resident Mike Coons said.

Police report 58 drug arrests, along with more than a dozen guns seized. Investigators said they also confiscated several pounds of meth and smaller amounts of cocaine and heroin.

Police said most suspected dealers are from southern Indiana. Those arrested represent ages and races across the board, as well as both men and women.

“It’s not biased, not racist, not sexist,” Jeffersonville Police Lt. Isaac Parker said of the operation.

Some suspects already were on probation and parole. From Jeffersonville to New Albany, several police agencies worked with the FBI’s Safe Streets Violent Gangs Task Force investigating through the summer.

Then, what’s dubbed Operation Fall Recall took place: A roundup of their targeted street dealers. Twelve face federal charges; the others face multiple felonies and misdemeanors.

“More people get in it, and they’re tearing up lives and families and everything,” Coons said.

For people who’ve lived in the area most of their lives, like Gerald Wise, who has lived in southern Indiana since 1957, changes in the community bring sadness.

“It destroys so many lives, and the horrible thing about it, as an individual, you can’t do anything, you’ve got to get the people to decide on their own if they’re going to get off it,” Wise said.

As drug crimes lead to both violent crimes and property thefts, the latest effort to hold dealers accountable is appreciated.

“I’m glad they’re on it,” Wise said.

Added Coons: “The more the better. I hope they keep up the good work they’ve been doing.”

New Albany and Clarksville police, as well as the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, also were part of the investigation. Arrest warrants are still out for 10 more drug suspects.

Contact Jeffersonville Police if you have information on these suspects with outstanding warrants:

+ Joseph S. Cousins (35), AKA: “PC”, of Jeffersonville

+ Kevin D. Moore (37), of Clarksville

+ Shelby Barnes (24), of Louisville

+ Michael G. Palmer (50), of Jeffersonville

+ Brian K. Taylor (31), of Charlestown

+ Derek M. Jarboe (29), of Clarksville

+ Annette R. Wheeler (30) of New Albany

+ Korey A. Randolph (31), of Jeffersonville

+ Kathryn G. McGill (56), of Jeffersonville

+ James L. Tutt (37), of New Albany

+ Scott Powers (38), of Clarksville

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