Hodges ready to lead Charlestown forward following mayoral race win

Charlestown voters elect new mayor

CHARLESTOWN, Ky. (WAVE) - For the first time in more than a decade, Charlestown, Indiana will have a new mayor.

The small community there picking its new mayor by a small majority of voters. Treva Hodges taking the win from incumbent Bob Hall Tuesday night by just 30 votes.

Her victory didn’t come as a surprise for many in the area.

“I thought it was pretty good, that meant somebody was paying attention to vote,” said Cindy Puzon, Clark County resident.

“We knew it was going to be close because he’s got a lot of people that votes for him. But I think the citizens, they were just ready for a change and they want to go in a new direction,” said Jeff Shepherd Sr., Charlestown resident.

The slim margin of victory is something Hodges takes seriously as she prepares to serve the town, including those who voted for Hall.

“It means I have to work extra hard to show them that I’m the mayor they deserve,” Hodges said.

But when it comes time to move in, she won’t have far to go. Her campaign office, right next door to city hall.

Hodges said she wants to address the town’s drainage, stormwater and sewer issues, but her first orders of business will be working to resolve the ongoing litigation over redevelopment projects involving the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood as well as improving government transparency.

“Make sure that information is getting out to people, make sure that I’m available for people to talk to if they have concerns, making sure meetings are publicly posted, agendas are available, public comments open up, things like that,” Hodges said.

With just over two dozen votes determining the election, Clark County Clerk Susan Popp said there is still time for Hodge's opponent to contest the results, though they have not indicated that they will.

Hall’s campaign sent the following comment to WAVE on the election:

“Our team continues to consider the value of a re-canvas of the votes in the Charlestown mayoral election. When we make a decision we will pass that information along to the media.”

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