Local veteran cemetery decorated with thousands of flags for Veterans Day

Flags laid at veterans grave site at Cave Hill Cemetery

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - One local man wanted to change the way veterans were honored at the Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville. On Saturday, more than 400 people laid flags on grave sites that he felt needed more attention.

About 8,000 veterans’ graves inside the Cave Hill Cemetery have flags on them. However, about 14 years ago, the man who made this happen said that wasn’t the case.

The space and the veterans inside at one point in time seemed to have been forgotten.

Frederick Moore said there were thousands of men who served in wars and never came home. However, he did.

With his life and second chance he was given he wanted to make a change.

On Saturday, more than 400 people laid flags on veteran grave sites that needed attention.
On Saturday, more than 400 people laid flags on veteran grave sites that needed attention. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

Moore said 14 years ago, he walked by the veterans’ graves at Cave Hill and noticed there were no flags or pennies left behind. Now with his organization Flags4Vets, every year hundreds of people show up and flag 8,000 graves in 15 minutes.

“It did bother me that there weren’t flags being placed on these graves,” Moore said, “There is some sunshine in the fact that kids and families are out here. They’re here to put flags on the graves, but they don’t leave once they put the flags out the stay and spend time here.”

Pat Almy was one of those people who spent time and took a moment after placing a flag in front of the sparkling white grave sites. Her husband is a vet and she has family members that still serve.

Almy said she’s old enough to remember wars and has never forgotten the sacrifices that were made.

“When you’re looking at all the tombstones this way you don’t see the names, they’re just white blocks,” Almy said. “But when you stand in front of it you see the names. This was a real person, this was somebody’s son, somebody’s father. This is the day to remember.”

Those who remember the wars and those who may be too young to understand left a flag by names that are no longer forgotten.

Moore said he wants all veterans’ graves decorated with flags on Veterans Day. If you know cemeteries with veterans’ graves that do not have flags he wants to help by providing flags.

For more information, visit Flags4Vets’ website.

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