Family of man involved in Kroger shooting speaks exclusively with WAVE 3 News

Family of man involved in Kroger shooting speaks exclusively with WAVE 3 News

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - WAVE 3 News heard exclusively from the sister of Shelby Gazaway, the 32-year-old that was shot and killed by LMPD Thursday evening at a Kroger in Portland.

His sister said pieces from that night are not adding up and she knows her brother had no intention of hurting anyone.

“He was the bishop on my chessboard,” Sterling Gazaway said. "There was a glitch in the matrix losing my brother.”

Shelby Gazaway was shot and killed by police officers Thursday at a Kroger in the Portland neighborhood. Witnesses inside the store said two people started arguing. One of them pulled out a knife and another pulled out a gun. Police said Gazaway shot at the ceiling.

"That whole night, we’re still trying to make it make sense and we can’t make it make sense,” said Sterling.

Police said Shelby fired at officers outside, but because of their position you do not see Gazaway use his gun on their body cam footage.

"We’ve all seen the news clip, ‘Hey put the gun down! boom boom boom boom, put the gun down!’ What?! You’re not even going to give my brother the opportunity to surrender?” Sterling said.

Neighbors and his sister all said Gazaway wasn’t a confrontational person and wouldn’t even allow cursing around his grandmother.

“The fact that Shelby got in an altercation with somebody inside the store is mind boggling,” David Goff, Gazaway’s neighbor and family friend said. “Shelby is not that type of person.”

“He played football at Butler High School, he was scared he was going to hurt somebody, so he stopped,” Sterling said. “He played the bass.”

Sterling said her brother worked at G.E. and moved her into his home along with her children and grandmother to look after them.

“He couldn’t hurt anybody,“ Sterling said. “My brother, he would put a blanket over a puddle for a woman to walk on. You can look long and hard you’re never going to find anything bad on him.”

That was echoed by neighbors on Gazaway’s street, including Goff, who knew Gazaway for 14 years.

“He just told his mother this past Sunday on his birthday that being around his nieces he was ready to start a family,” Goff said. “This is no B.S., this is the way it is. He was an outstanding young man. I don’t see him turning around and pointing the gun at police officers.”

Sterling said her brother would never put himself in a situation to ruin the future he dreamed of.

"He had every opportunity to hurt everybody in that store,” Sterling said. “But he didn’t.”

Sterling said the night her brother died her mother was on her way to get groceries. Gazaway went for her because he didn't want her to have to go outside.

“My brother is never going to come through that back door again ever,” Sterling said. “Shelby Sinclair Gazaway, that was my knight on a chess board."

WAVE 3 News reached out to LMPD for more information on what happened inside and outside the Kroger. There have been no updates.

Gazaway’s sister said the family does not know who her brother had the altercation with.

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