E-learning days keep GCCS kids learning, even in messy weather

E-learning days keep GCCS kids learning, even in messy weather

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - With wintry weather headed to WAVE Country for the first time this fall, many parents are keeping an eye on road conditions to see if school will be canceled or delayed Tuesday.

For the first time, potential snow days for Greater Clark County Schools won’t mean students are missing out.

Monday morning, it was math time inside teacher Emily Carpenter’s fifth grade classroom. Walking around, Carpenter checked the work of her students, making sure everything was adding up correctly.

For the first time this year, teachers within GCCS can move their classrooms online if the district calls off. If there’s a need for a snow day or there’s some kind of weather where students wouldn’t be coming into the classrooms, now they won’t have to miss out. They can have an e-learning day, taking those lessons at home on their Chrome books.

E-learning days keep GCCS kids learning, even in messy weather

“There are a lot of websites that students can read and I can even monitor what questions they answer or how long they’ve been reading, how many pages, did they really do their work, and they can also self-check,” Carpenter said.

Students and staff tested it out well ahead of any wintry weather, working out any issues and challenges ahead of time on lessons.

“It was OK,” fifth-grade student Kaniyah Woodley said. “I think it was more easier than I expected.”

Instructors can tailor the lessons to children as needed, including English-language learners and students with special needs.

“We can use that day to teach them and kind of reinforce skills that they may have a weakness in or a gap in their knowledge, so it’s not a day wasted,” said Ellen Williamson, special education teacher at Northaven.

That continuity of learning is vital for many students.

“We want them to have that practice on a regular basis because, if you don’t use a language, you can easily forget it,” said Megan Rogers, English as a second language teacher in Northaven. “Even the smallest pieces that they’ve gained, they can lose if they’re not here for several days.”

Without the lost classroom time, Carpenter said it ensures students are getting the needed amount of instruction time on lessons instead of seeing days tacked on at the end of the year.

“Thankfully with e-learning, I get to still teach the things they’re learning right then and there rather than at the end of the year, just keep extending that stuff because, that’s not the information they missed,” Carpenter said.

“And I think it’s better than just staying at home and doing nothing,” Woodley said.

This small addition to instruction is expected to make a massive difference for the 215-square-mile school district. So come rain or shine, there’s nothing slowing students down.

“It’s going to make a big difference this year,” Carpenter said.

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