Hardin County Schools explain cautions of calling off school

Hardin County Schools explain cautions of calling off school

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WAVE) - Hardin County Schools were out of class Tuesday. The bitter cold, mixed with bad road conditions, were the reasons behind that.

School officials said there may be more to the inclement weather causing that to happen than meets the eye.

Even though roads in the main parts of the county may have looked clear, Emergency Services director Bryce Shumate said that doesn’t account for every road involved in a bus’s early morning commute.

“When you go out in to the outer parts of the county,” John Wright of Hardin County Schools said, “the Eastview area, Stephensburg areas, Cecilia, Glendale, Sonora, out into the farther parts of the county where the roads are are more curvy, they have a lot more embankments and hills to them. That is very difficult for a bus to travel on. And it puts students in danger.”

On top of the windy roads, it’s also roads where the nearby trees shade the pavement, keeping the sun from melting potential black ice; that’s the kind of danger the school system is trying to avoid.

“We got up this morning, and we went out to those roads, some roads were clean. Some roads were not,” said Wright, “and so when we got into those roads that were not, it was getting later into the morning, and we made the decision. We put this on our website, it was made by 5:30.”

Hardin County Schools does have a list of frequently asked questions on their website when it comes to their process of shutting down school for the day. For more information, click or tap here.

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