Southern High School student found with gun in backpack

Southern High School student found with gun in backpack
A Southern High School student is facing charges after a gun was found in the student's backpack. (Source: James Dobson, WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A student at Southern High School was arrested after being found with a gun in a backpack.

This is the fifth report of a gun being found on school grounds so far this year.

In an exclusive Troubleshooter investigation recently, WAVE 3 News reported a total of 15 student disciplinary incidents also involving firearms in the first 47 days of the current school year.

Jefferson County Public Schools spokeswoman Renee Murphy said two in-school security monitors found the gun Tuesday morning after receiving a tip. They then contacted JCPS Security, who arrived to arrest the student.

WAVE 3 News is waiting to confirm whether the gun was loaded.

Murphy said the student will be charged and JCPS procedures for discipline will be followed.

WAVE 3 News recently discovered more than 600 security and safety investigations have been made at JCPS schools this year, according to the district’s data obtained through a series of open records requests.

The data showed 15 reports of firearms possession, 21 assault investigations, 81 reports of students out of control and 16 drug and narcotic investigations.

The information gathered showed 20 instances of student disciplines related to knives whose blades were 2.5 inches or greater, 12 incidents involving pellet, BB or air guns and 15 handguns.

The table below reflects incidents in which students were disciplined related to weapons. JCPS told WAVE 3 News that not all of the weapons were found inside the schools, and in some instances, multiple children were disciplined for joint possession of a weapon.

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