Beshear says transition team is ‘energetic, talented’

Beshear says transition team is ‘energetic, talented’
Governor-elect Andy Beshear announced the members of his transition team Friday. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WAVE) – Governor-elect Andy Beshear introduced his transition team he described as energic, talented and inclusive on Friday.

Beshear was joined by Lt. Governor-elect Jacqueline Coleman and transition chair J. Michael Brown as he made the announcement about the team.

The following people are currently on the transition team:


  • Chair Crit Luallen, of Frankfort


  • Elizabeth Natter
  • Sheri Donahue, of Louisville
  • Michael Bowman, of Louisville
  • Jimmy King, of Louisville
  • Pete Mahurin, of Bowling Green
  • David Kaplan, of Louisville
  • Dennis Heishman

Cabinet for Economic Development

  • Co-Chair Jack Dulworth, of Louisville
  • Co-Chair Eric Farris, of Shepherdsville
  • Co-Chair Sadiqa Reynolds, of Louisville


  • Wes Duke Jai Bokey, of Prospect
  • Bob Connolly, of Louisville
  • Laura Farris, of Lexington
  • Keith Hamilton, of Louisville
  • Kris Kimel, of Lexington
  • Paul Patton, of Pikeville
  • Lesa Seibert, of Louisville
  • Deepak Tiwari, of Prospect
  • Scott Koloms, of Louisville

Cabinet for Health and Family Services

  • Co-Chair State Rep. Joni Jenkins, of Louisville
  • Co-Chair Emily Parento, of Louisville
  • Co-Chair Dr. Wayne Tuckson, of Louisville


  • Mike Wright Dr. Tom Abell, of Lexington
  • Mark Carter, of Louisville
  • Cathe Dykstra, of Louisville
  • Jerry Johnson, of Frankfort
  • Sheila Schuster, of Louisville
  • David Figg, of Beaver Dam
  • Barry Martin, of Hazard
  • Eric Friedlander, of Louisville
  • Victoria Eldridge, of Georgetown
  • Col Owens, of Ft. Mitchell

Energy and Environment Cabinet

  • Co-Chair Mike Bowling, of Middlesboro
  • Co-Chair Becky Goodman, of Frankfort
  • Co-Chair Dan Seum, of Louisville


  • Taylor Payne Patrick Hauser, of Barbourville
  • Andrew Owen, of Louisville
  • John Ridley, of Bowling Green
  • Kellie Wilson, of Harlan

Education and Workforce Development Cabinet

  • Chair Lt. Governor Elect Jacqueline Coleman
  • Co-Chair Rev. Corrie Shull, of Louisville


  • Ashley Parrott
  • Houston Barber, of Frankfort
  • Buddy Berry, of Eminence
  • Claire Batt, of Lexington
  • State Rep. Travis Brenda, of Cartersville
  • Kevin Brown, of Louisville
  • Eddie Campbell, of Knox County
  • Karen Chesser, of Ft. Thomas
  • Scotty Collier, of Louisville
  • State Rep. Derrick Graham, of Frankfort
  • Brent McKim, of Louisville
  • Diane Woods, of Lexington
  • Tiffany Yeast, of Harrodsburg

Finance and Administration Cabinet

  • Co-Chair Marianne Butler, of Louisville
  • Co-Chair Mitchel Denham, of Louisville


  • Maryellen Mynear
  • Rodney Brewer, of Crestwood
  • Morgan Eaves, of Richmond
  • Amanda England, of Louisville
  • Betsy Flynn, of Benton
  • Tom Halblieb, of Louisville
  • John Hardesty, of Louisville
  • Freddie Higdon, of Lebanon
  • Billy Paynter, of Louisville
  • Thalethia Routt, of Lexington
  • Shannon Tivitt, of Louisville
  • Jerry Graves, of Frankfort

Office of the Governor

  • Co-Chair La Tasha Buckner, of Lexington
  • Co-Chair Larry Bond, of Louisville


  • Jonathan Smith
  • Madeline Abramson, of Louisville
  • Katie Dailinger, of Louisville
  • Kenneth Mansfield, of Winchester
  • Leo Miller, of Harlan
  • Billy Ray Smith, of Bowling Green
  • Roger Thomas, of Smith’s Grove
  • Katelyn Wiard
  • Nicole Yates, of Louisville
  • Crystal Staley, of Lexington
  • Lori Farris, of Frankfort
  • Ben Hale, of Prestonsburg
  • Ellen Hesen, of Louisville
  • Josh Keats, of Louisville

Justice and Public Safety

  • Cabinet Co-Chair Kerry Harvey, of Lexington
  • Co-Chair Sen. Reggie Thomas, of Lexington


  • Allyson Taylor
  • Dr. Muhammad Babar, of Louisville
  • Keith Bartley, of Prestonsburg
  • Ronnie Bastin, of Lexington
  • Pastor Tim Findley, of Louisville
  • Drew Fox, of Louisville
  • John Moberly, of Crestwood
  • Michelle Snodgrass, of Cold Spring
  • Sheriff John Ward, of Elizabethtown
  • Amy Leenerts, of Louisville
  • Vickie Wise, of Frankfort
  • Morgan Ward, of Louisville

Labor Cabinet

  • Co-Chair Kyle Henderson, of Paducah
  • Co-Chair John Stovall, of Louisville
  • Co-Chair Dorsey Ridley, of Henderson


  • Gerina Whethers
  • State Rep. Jeff Donohue, of Louisville
  • Bill Finn, of Louisville
  • Eddie Jacobs, of Lexington
  • Bill Londrigan, of Louisville
  • Lance Lucas, of Union
  • McKinnley Morgan, of London
  • Kim Perry, of Frankfort
  • Larry Roberts, of Frankfort
  • Liles Taylor, of Midway

Personnel Cabinet

  • Co-Chair Al Cornish, of Louisville
  • Co-Chair Dr. Jody Prather, of Elizabethtown


  • Gordon Slone
  • Mary Elizabeth Bailey, of Frankfort
  • Dr. Rodney Casada, of Somerset
  • Chris Harlow, of St. Matthews
  • Demetrius Holloway, of Louisville
  • Winston Miller, of Louisville
  • Kevin Weaver, of Lexington
  • Bill Jones, of Louisville

Public Protection Cabinet

  • Co-Chair State Rep. Dennis Keene, of Wilder
  • Co-Chair Keith Jackson, of Lexington
  • Co-Chair Ray Perry, of Frankfort


  • Ben Long
  • Fran Carrico, of Springfield
  • Naveed Chowhan, of Louisville
  • Sharon Clark, of Harrodsburg
  • Frank Jones, of Louisville
  • Jon Rabinowitz, of Versailles
  • Colleen Thomas, of Louisville
  • Angelica Sanchez-Vega, of Louisville
  • Ambrose Wilson, of Midway

Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet

  • Co-Chair Mike Berry, of Louisville
  • Co-Chair John McConnell, of Murray


  • Rebecca Byers
  • Barry Becton
  • Lindy Casebier, of Louisville
  • Susan Hershberg, of Louisville
  • Alston Kerr, of Lexington
  • Todd Underhill, of Louisville
  • Steve Wilson, of Louisville

Transportation Cabinet

  • Co-Chair Joe Prather, of Elizabethtown
  • Co-Chair Jeff Taylor, of Hopkinsville


  • Geri Grigsby
  • Milward Dedman, of Harrodsburg
  • Marcie Matthews, of Frankfort
  • David Hall, of Louisville
  • State Rep. Chris Harris, of Forest Hills
  • Jodie Haydon, of Bardstown
  • Jeff Houchin, of Lexington
  • Nolan Jackson, of Lexington
  • Dr. Shambra Mulder, of Lexington
  • Jerry Ravenscraft, of Morehead
  • Bissell Roberts, of Louisville
  • Geoff White, of Louisville
  • Mark Workman, of Paducah
  • John Doughtery, of Louisville
  • Herbie McKee, of Henderson

“Jacqueline and I are honored to have such a strong and talented team of leaders and experts committed to helping Kentucky start this new chapter,” Beshear said. “We are truly excited about this opportunity. We will never stop working to serve every single Kentuckian, including the lost, the lonely and the left behind.”

Beshear will be sworn in as governor on Dec. 10.

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